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TAKE A LIGHTSABER TO BLEMISHES WITH FOREO’S ESPADA Lightsaber for acne and blemishes campaign

Take a Lightsaber to Blemishes with FOREO’s ESPADA

Take a lightsaber to your acne with FOREO’s ESPADA, a device that utilizes clinically-proven, blue-light treatment to fight against breakouts and blemishes with laser-precision. The ergonomically designed device utilizes a powerful beam of 415 nanometers (nm) blue LED light used by dermatologists …
Rouge Dior Lipstick Featuring Bella Hadid & Peter Philips - "The Date" Dior Makeup New Collection

Rouge Dior, the New Lipstick – The Date

Introducing Rouge Dior Lipstick featuring Bella Hadid & Peter Philips. The new Dior Makeup ambassador, shares her passion for makeup with Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup. THE NEW ROUGE DIOR – #ifeelgood – How to prepare for a …
Dior Makeup Skyline Collection - Fall 2016 Look

Dior Makeup Fall 2016 Look – Skyline Collection

Introducing the new Dior Makeup Skyline collection. The Dior ‘Skyline’ Fall 16 Makeup Collection explores the vast possibilities of using shade and light to sculpt the face. Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, was inspired by the architecture of …